About myself:-I am D One who R not n can't.. Craziness at peaks.. Attitude at least Cuteness personified...Love injected..Myself..Mylove


About myself: - I am passionate life liver. I am a Technical advisor and Radio Jockey in TCF


About myself: I am an architect, fashion designer, and video jockey at RVJ productions. fascinated by people and inspired by nature.


About myself: I have the ability to talk with any person without hesitation. I am very hard-working person and I behave very well with others.


About myself: I am a fun-loving girl & want to live & enjoy my life to the fullest. I can quickly mingle with people and I am extrovert in nature.


About myself: I love making friends. I am most irritating and funny person, I am connected to social services so I frequently go to orphanages. I am happy with what I am.

Sai Priya

About myself: When I was in b. tech 2nd year I was passionate about Radio Jockeying and I wanted to make it as a Career.

Aravinda Srinivas

Iam Basically iam Music Lover and I love what I'm doing and Love to learn new things & I'm very Talkative.


About myself:I'm aarya.Nature lover. I'm self-motivated person. Passionate about RJ and love to act in movies. Dedication to my work. Love to learn new things. Super natural and great going

Sai Ganesh

About myself: in 4-5 lines: I follow what I see, Being Focused towards something is one of my default personality, I hate sitting Idle. I believer of regrets are the steps to get succeed.


About myself:- I will take care about all things, I think each & everything about my friends & family, I am very sensitive, I love my work what I am doing I will put full efforts on my work.

Praneeth Kumar

About myself:-I am D One who R not n can't.. Craziness at peaks.. Attitude at least😛.. Cuteness personified...Love injected..Myself..Mylove


About myself:-chweet,cute😍,ever smiling😆simply superb with nonstop🎤 entertainment....loves Belgium chocolate🍫😋.. lizards🦎 and cheaters🗣are equal to me..passionate abt adventures👻👻👹e


About myself:-Since my childhood I love listening to radio all the time and the way they speak in the radio made me very enthusiastic and anxious to become a radio jockey it's not just a profession it's my passion to be an radiojockey I'm loving it. I hope to remember as a good radiojockey


About myself:-I am the one who can handle hard things also very easily. I love being myself and I want to live my life to the fullest.